the list

  1. see ed sheeran live
  2. road trip from california to washington
  3. visit 30 different coffee shops
  4. touch an elephant
  5. visit mexico
  6. learn how to play the guitar
  7. visit canada
  8. sing at a karaoke bar
  9. ride every ride in disneyland & california adventure
  10. make a song & record a music video
  11. visit joshua tree
  12. donate bone marrow
  13. see adele live
  14. see rihanna live
  15. do a color run
  16. donate blood
  17. speak kinyarwanda fluently
  18. vote
  19. mail a letter to everyone that’s ever meant something to me
  20. become an ordained minister
  21. order room service
  22. make a song that lists all 206 bones
  23. get a dna test
  24. host a fancy dinner party
  25. start a blog
  26. sing about chickens in 10 different languages
  27. visit a professional game for every major sport: baseball, basketball, football, hockey,  & soccer
  28. stay up for 24 hours
  29. drive in a race car
  30. ride a camel
  31. visit an art museum
  32. take a photo every day for a year
  33. complete a 1,000 piece puzzle in one day
  34. raise a butterfly
  35. make a cake from scratch
  36. spend a weekend in a beach house
  37. design my own tennis shoes
  38. complete an adult coloring book
  39. ride in a hot air balloon
  40. make a family tree with all of my extended family
  41. go mini golfing
  42. quote a whole movie word for word
  43. visit 10 different beaches in southern california
  44. eat a ghost pepper
  45. go to a cat cafe
  46. go to a dog park
  47. indoor rock climb
  48. create a ‘nature jam sessions’ video
  49. go on a cruise
  50. cut down my own christmas tree
  51. go snowboarding or skiing
  52. go scuba diving
  53. go snorkeling
  54. hike to the hollywood sign
  55. ride a horse
  56. pet an alpaca
  57. see miley cyrus live